A Date with Mom: Smile and Laughter

These months I learn that the more time we spent with our loved ones the more it makes us feel like we’ve been taken for granted. It may happened because we cherish every person in our lives, and willing to do anything for them. And people just may overuse it, don’t they? In most of my cases lately, I confess that I’m the bad guy. The good thing is that it will never be too late to do something about it.

Personally I want to put a smile on as many faces as possible, so why not start at home? As I manage to have more time to spent myself, I start with date plans. Guess my date? My parents – each at a time, and mom has the first privilege 😉

On a long weekend last week, we went to a place called ORE (Other Rag Enterprise). It is a boutique that sells fun vintage stuffs and has a nice small cafe named Carpentier. If you are visiting Surabaya and have the mood for shopping with your besties, this is definitely the place. Special thanks for Jiewa for your recommendation.

The date went so fun, began with quick shopping as the stuffs there is just unique, nothing you can find anywhere in town. End up we eat this home made burger, fries and some milk shake. Perfect companion for a nice chat, I just hope that this will be the beginning of many dates to come.Image


carpentier surabaya


The date is actually mom’s delayed birthday dinner. And although it’s been 6 months of no-crafting, I found vintage coasters that was perfect for her little birthday present. It’s a re-worked free pattern by Emma, you can visit her blog to get the link to the free pattern.

Vintage coasters


One thought on “A Date with Mom: Smile and Laughter

  1. that was a delight to read… and may you have many more successful dates with the most important person in any girls life

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