In Search of Love

Life and happiness can’t be described far from love. For the happiness you can find in life is a result of how much love you share to others. Inspired by a world-known speaker for women, Joyce Meyer, I was looking for the meaning of love. I’ve read so many books and this quote from her I can’t agree more: “Love is not a mere feeling. It is a decision about how we will behave and treat people.”.

So I decided to look to the closest people to me, who really love me for no reason. Without comparing myself to any other people he/she might love more or less. In that 2 months of observation, I found out that there is one that is very dear to me. Who always let me fly when I resist to, guard my back, pray for my successes, catch me when I fall, and tries so hard to keep me stand again.

I am grateful for her, the best mom God ever created.

best mom


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