In Search of Self

There were times that you think you have it all, and pursuit something meaningful in your life. Well, something had really gone to me lately, that made me feels like an alien, or close to it..

I read a lot of books, really. About character, emotion and happiness. Finding a zen doesn’t really mean I know where I’m heading. Once I thought maybe I’ll just leave this blog and crochet and knitting. I even wrap all my yarns and everything up in a huge bag. And just do everything I ever liked before, just in search of my true self. Everyone get lost sometimes, right?

I didn’t expect anything coming from the site actually, but what makes me back here is the truth that I love sharing πŸ™‚
Thank you to all friends for your comments – as I can see you all love mamegoma isn’t it? well who doesn’t…
I’ll try to find time to make the video or translate it to english πŸ™‚ and, will let you all know..

knitting friends

Oh well, I’m a crafter afterall. I’ll never stop crafting. That’s what I do best.

PS: Congratulations to my crochet pal Erni for your new business, and… 1 month pregnancy πŸ™‚ Be blessed!


2 thoughts on “In Search of Self

  1. I think if you REALLY, REALLY love on doing something, u can’t get away from it. You can run away or try to forget about it but you will somehow get back to it again. Never ever stop doing what you like and kinda agree on what Mr. Phil said, life is short so we better make the best out of it, hohoho.

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