What do knit and crochet mean?

When we think about something we like doing, anything… Have you ever think of how does it all started? Why crochet? Why knit?

I think it’s all started from a tiny curiosity. Curiosity of how a common single yarn, can be joined together with only one or a few sticks, and voila! it changes to  a cute little bunny, sweet scarf, etc. As time goes, that curiosity grows into a hobby. When I go shopping, I never forget to stop by to a craftshop and look for some new yarns, and just browse for new projects. In some of my cases, though, it helps me get through hard times. Psychologist would say it as a kind of cathartic release, just to make me relax after a hard day.

Now it means more than just a hobby. As some of you know, I’m working in a business consultant company, and my hobby here is not really related to what I do. Once a friend ask me, what’s my favorite project so far? I answered him, I love all of my projects. They all have their own story. What I love the most is the expression of people who receive it, and the winner goes to my mom. When I taught Erni how to crochet a doll, I made Stephanie’s bunny from allaboutami.tumblr.com, and my mom just love it and she smiles every time she looks at it. She takes good care of the bunny and put it in her car, well that’s pretty special for me. Nothing I made before that would make her be that happy.

What I’ve found different about crochet and knit is that it helped me to meet new friends 🙂 First I joined a group in Facebook, from there I met Sisil online 🙂 Then I met Alvin who lives in Singapore, going to meet him again on July I hope. I showed his dolls to my friends and they all stunned, but he’s quite shy.. This is one of his amigurumi, the blue dragon. He always remind me of the author of http://www.crochetlunch.com, a man who crochet every lunchtime at work, an inspiration 🙂

blue dragon amigurumi

While I met Alvin online, then offline… In other occasion I meet Lynn, one of my client’s wife from Canada. She lives in Malang now, 2 hours from Surabaya. We talked about her daughter and her newborn grandson, she knitted a big letter cubes for him, and we talked a lot about knitting after that… Last one I met Lina, project manager assistant in my office. She loves knitting, and last week we started to have a knitting time together after office hour. She knits like a machine, lol. She made me choose a new knitting pattern, I am newbie in knitting, fyi, so this is quite new for me. This is a free pattern from www.islandofmisfitpatterns.com, thank you Bonnie for the lovely pattern.

pink chunky cable scarf

Knit and crochet means quality time for me, to get to know people better, a time to share. And I love it.  What about you?


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