Singapore 2012 leave: First 24 hours

Yup, coming to Singapore again after a year being a jumper around Surabaya and Jakarta. I always, always love this city country. Landed in time in Changi Airport, my brother in law Cedric picked us up. Straight to QUIZNOS stall, yeah!! In his house I met his lovely parents and of course my dear sister πŸ˜‰ And there were his aunties. And guess what? Er Yi, the second auntie made a lot of lovely potteries! Whoa, got a crafty talk in the first hour, she made vases, plates, and miniatures. Wait until I finish downloading her photos, I will post them right away. Here’s one of them, the golden sh*t :p This is the most simple thing, because she made every piece very detail!

pottery clay miniature

Earlier today we went to east coast park, we rent bikes for an hour and take the track. It’s a beautiful park, this one. There’s a beach on the left, where you can sit or play in the water, and in the middle of the track there is a tower where you can sight see the ocean and boats, below that tower there’s a quite long dock to do fishing… There are a lot of people in the park, some of lao kong (old man) sit on the benches and read newspapers, while families biking in tandem bikes. Some students were also had their sport activity there.

east coast park cycling track

Here’s the cycling tracks, there are some pit stops (if you rent a bike or roller blade) where you can just return them in any pit stop whenever you want. The cost to rent a regular bike is SGD 8 for an hour, I should try the blade on my next visit.

singapore east coast park

And the girls at the end of the track (it was closed for construction). I still remember the first time I go to Singapore for a month vacation, my favorite place were Kinokuniya, for they have so many craft books from Japan. Muji for their really simple yet sophisticated stationeries, and Delta Park. My sister once live near to Delta Park, they have jogging tracks and some spots that people do aerobics or tai chi every morning πŸ˜€ I love reading in the park and see their activity, joined some of the aerobics also.

It’s a very comfy place to visit, a perfect combination of strong infrastructure, great context of tourism and fab content of sights makes Singapore the favorite destination for Indonesians, specially on long weekends.


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