Easy scarf project: for you who doesn’t have much time

Along with the progress in our 9-to-5 lives, sometimes we can hardly find a me time. In mine, there are many start-up businesses coming and to meet the challenge, I must work harder on myself than I do in my job 🙂 Sounds familiar? I want to master start-up business this year, with all their strategy and tactic. I believe it needs a lot of creativity to see things in different perspective, and with doing crafts like crochet really opens my mind to see that it’s not only the project that is matter, but people is the most thing that mattered.

Today I have a super early meeting in McDonald’s near my home, and I must go out of town and meet someone else in the afternoon, yes in the weekend. In between hours, I usually grab 1 – 2 chapters of book  about business or leadership. Sometime things like this happened in your days, too, right? Having so many things to do, at least until we find an assistant to help us finish technical things. So I thought of a project that doesn’t take much of my time, and not so addictive that I couldn’t leave it. And to train myself to do things consistently. This project works! Grab a hook and yarn for just half an hour in the morning before you go to the office, you’ll make 5 flower motifs a day and the project will be done in just a week. Simple and surely keeps your mood up for the rest of the day!

flower scarf pink white

The good news is when you start to make something, there’s always someone to give. Happy face makes you happier, that what makes life worth living.


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