Once in a lifetime: Wedding wave 2012

Since December 2011 I’ve heard so many weddings coming this year: Sister, friends, and even wedding wishes also came to me – amen. This -once in a lifetime- event is so special that couples want it all to be perfect. Well, who doesn’t?

Bride-to-be usually is the one who has everything in plan, say it: invitations, dress, bridesmaid, car, ring, photography, video, church, best man, tuxedo, dinner, food, flower, decoration, and wedding favors. There are so many wedding organizers in town that offers complete services, oh how lovely when the cupid is around.. 🙂

Now here’s the biggest part for us: how to make 300pcs kawaii yet personal wedding favors? Some of the couples are hard to decide whether they want it to be simple and elegant, useful and modern, or crafty and vintage. Although the wave is now going to the third choice, they simply want to make it to be memorable. To be in between, I just go with the useful keychain, definitely crafty and simple-vintage style. Happy wedding day!

amigurumi wedding favor

souvenir nikah


One thought on “Once in a lifetime: Wedding wave 2012

  1. It may sound like a cliche that your wedding day, the one that cost you a fortune in time money and stress, should be the most memorable day of your life. Well in theory anyway it is a unique one-off event ideally only happening once in your lifetime. All dry wit aside it should be an extraordinary day. No matter if it is a small or a grandiose event the day should be quite remarkable

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