In Culture: Dragon Year

I’m an Indonesian chinese, born in Indonesia and grew up in a democratic-western culture. For chinese people, family is the most important thing. Therefore the culture is always about family gathering and have fun with all the members.

If it’s lunar new year and you’re in town, make sure you show up in the gathering or else everybody is talking about you, lol. Unlike last year, today we’re going to my dad’s eldest sister living in Surabaya along with cousins. Everybody is talking about the coming year, The Dragon Year.

From all culture events, lunar new year is the only one left that our family celebrates 🙂 Instead of making desserts for everyone, luckily we have something better: lunar new year cookies.

cookies for chinese new year

Wishing you a lucky year

mena imlek lantern lampion cookies

Brighter path…

imlek cny cookies

and the famous Mandarin Oranges all packed! oh how I love sugar crafting.. only this time, I gave the idea and someone else made them for me 🙂 Click on the pic if you love sweet creative treats..

And since making an ami will take quite a long time, I found this cute little dragon baby while browsing through flickr, Pii_Chii made it. Adorable for sure! I’m wondering if there’s any pattern for this dragon somewhere…

baby dragon amigurumi

PS: this is also for my friends who are expecting a baby in this year 🙂 congratulations!



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