The number 27

Dream big, start small. I guess this what keeps me going today. What does that number means to you? For me, it means I’ve been through quite a long time in the world, and still have a long way to leave lots of footprints on earth.

I found out that some of my wish are vanished, gone without any trace. But it leads me to have bigger dream, bigger faith, and bigger heart to face what is in front of me. These are the things I learned from life, from people I love, people who loves and hates me. 🙂

Grow in Character

In business, growing your character means growing your Brand. In personal, it’s growing your quality of life. I’ve been observing people around me, there are some people trying to compare themselves with their friends – I believe we all have been in that stage before. We thought we can do better by comparing ourselves with others, in 4C analysis it’s Competitor? Don’t get it wrong, we must change that mindset from Competitor to Channel. Start to live your life happily.

Stay humble. This is the hardest lesson I took, a never ending tests are coming everyday. Believing your thoughts doesn’t means you don’t have to listen.

Respect others. More opportunities come to those who is sincere.

No coincidences. Learn from every mistakes, learn better.

Never give up. People will stab you, say or do bad things about you. Well if you fall, stand up. Good things never comes easy.

Love what you do, do what you love. Go deep into what you love, success people do that 🙂

Be faithful, it makes your journey more cheerful to go through.

igor jivara opera

 In this great time of the year, I wanna say thank you for being my creative n crafty friends 🙂 For sharing your thoughts and reading this blog… This March I’m going to see my new friend Alvin, and make an amigurumi together in Singapore 🙂 I hope I can go and visit more friends this year…


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