Amigurumi, Switzerland – Indonesia – Brazil

My 20 first days in 2012 are meaningful, busy and challenging. These few months I’ve been adapting with new businesses going on, and building different teams for business owners. Yup it sure takes a lot of energy and time, keeps me away from this site for quite a long time. Not without progress, though. I’ve been chatting with several crafters around the globe through this site, sometimes only from my blackberry or email, and I miss writing again 🙂

Talking community, the fun part is having new friends and keep update with the crafts they made, that makes you have more ideas. Joined amigurumi group on flickr, I send my first international swap to Chile, Brazil 😀 and received 1 full package from Switzerland. The swap is open for all members, we had to fill a long list of things we like and dislike, and what did we expect to receive inside the package. So, here is my Christmas gift from snowy island 😀

amigurumi swap snowman

I saw in some of the forms that ppl love chimney more than snow, but since I never see snow my whole life, I love snow, LOL. I got a snowman from Alice, she made it from zero! bravo! a pure organic cotton yarn, together with 2 more yarns! They’re very soft 🙂 love everything inside the box, the ribbons, fabrics, earrings, specially the buttons! I got so many different buttons, from wooden 4cm wide button until the 4mm wide button – tiniest I’ve ever seen!

amigurumi sent to Chile, Brazil

and last but not least, the package from me to Viviana in Chile 😀


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