birthday bunny

Teaching is never my passion, so I thought. I was teaching art and craft on a daycare while I was undergraduate student, and maybe that was the first time I like teaching. But it was only a short time during summer holiday. Now to build a community, I think teaching is the best way to start. It take a lot of effort, though, as my work at business consultant been rapidly rising and need quite a big time to travel out of town. At least I managed to teach 2 students on a private crochet class.

Since both of them entered on the very basic level, I taught them the basic stitch and make a long scarf 🙂 then stepping up to book cover with doilies… And, as they want to learn amigurumi, I taught them amigurumi for beginners on I also made the same project so they can really experience on making the dolls themselves. joining the parts, stuffings, adding character, etc.

I’m still waiting for the next meeting to see the finishing they made, but this time I will share my project first, as this cute bunny stole my mom’s heart at the first sight.. and it’s her birthday 🙂 Happy birthday mom, I love you.

white bunny amigurumi


9 thoughts on “birthday bunny

  1. Grace, your bunny turned out great! I’m so happy to hear that you’re using my “Amigurumi for Beginners” post as a resource when you teach crochet. I’d love to see how your students’ bunnies turned out too 🙂 Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Stephanie! So happy that you stop by 😀 thank you! yes, I also refer your blog to my crochet friends, they all love your works.. It is fabulous,all the tutorials are very helpful.. Bless you ^^

      Are you joining amigurumi group on flickr?cos we’re going to do international swap for this winter 🙂 maybe you wanna join us?

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