craft collaboration

I’m sure you have heard about my doodle-expert friend, Nita. She gave me this challenge to crochet her avatar. At first I was thinking she’s joking.. But she kept asking about it for several times,and I was just like.. What?!? Are you serious? At the end, you know what I’d do ;p at least I’ll try..

Came with the idea of making it 3D, an amigurumi. But it will lose the “doodle” character, so I made the face and grab my mom’s jeans fabric. I thought embroidery will be nice to make the hair, well, it turns out very natural.. Like Nita in her everyday hair :p
I specially love her pony tail! it adds my character into the plushie, always love a mix of 2D and 3D crafts.

So enjoy making it 🙂 and I got a real happy face n tweets about it today ^^ thanks Nita! So glad you like it

Also see it on my tumblr :
Or nita’s fb page :
Or my fb page :

Thanks for reblogging 🙂


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