The City of Batik

These last 3 months my weekends are most fully booked. I’m going to new towns I have never been before. And the adventure begins… ^^ My first destination was Bandung, I have a client there and last month I must present a brand concept for their product, the city was very nice and romantic, I will explore more about Bandung maybe on late October, when I can stay longer than just one night 🙂

Last weekend I spent another one night at Solo, a city most famous with the art on fabric called Batik. Kain batik has been a signature of Indonesia, every area in Indonesia usually has it’s own pattern and style as they have their own “culture”, and each of the pattern used to show the ‘social level’ of the person who wears them back then.


A combination of 2 batik fabric, made as a blanket

Anyway… different from the trip to Bandung, this time my goal was to give a surprise birthday party for my best best friend Jessica Na, whose back to Solo for good 😦 it was such a long road trip, 7 – 8 hours driving. Sisilia, Vita, Joice, Ary and me prepared a special scrapbook for Jessica, she’s the only one living very healthy among us. With her veggie diet and everyday gym, we made the concept of having an ideal body in the scrap 🙂 We don’t have enough time to do some fancy stuff, all arrangement were done in less than 6 hours, well done team!

birthday gift

scrapbook for Jessica Na

doodle cushion pillow

Jessica, scrapbook and Nitchii doodle cushion pillow series

We also ordered 5 doodle cushion pillows – happy birthday series – from Nitchii 😀 they’re fabulous, everyone will definitely love to have them ^^

Another challenge for me is to finish 1 new order from Solo, new friend wanted me to bring an amigurumi giftpack of 5 dolls.. Luckily the long trip helped me to finish them just in time 😉

After we arrived, about 1 hour to midnight.. We went to a place to eat the famous food in town, a plate of steam rice, chicken and curry soup. What’s unique is the hot yummy coconut sauce on top of the rice, nothing like I ever found in my hometown.

The next day is my sister’s birthday! She’s coming with us, so Jessica arranged a breakfast surprise for her 😀 yay! happy birthday sis..

birthday breakfast

birthday girl and the surprise breakfast 🙂

Here’s what I can bring back from Solo, a city full of yummy food and fine arts.

soto solo

Ary and I eating sate and soto soup 🙂 yummy!

PS: In here lives the royal families, called keraton. Even the castle is still well preserved. Cool, isn’t it? Too bad it was weekend, so the place was crowded and hot!

Last but not least, I found the modern n chic style of batik dress, it’s a combination of lovely batik and crochet! What  a brilliant idea!! – there’s not enough light inside the fitting room, sorry for the low resolution picture –

dress batik

crochet - batik combination

It’s a wrap! I can’t wait to visit more cities, explore and share their crafts 😀


2 thoughts on “The City of Batik

  1. Haha cc!!! I just read this! Really loved the surprise, you guys got me good! Remembering back to that day made me miss you a lot. Come visit again soon :*

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