Seal can be as cute as bunny

mamegoma amigurumiHave you heard the name? Mamegoma it is. Roza, the baby in our office introduce it to us. She loves mamegoma and at first I was just like, it’s a what? seal? and u said it’s cute?

This creature is innovated by San-X from Japan, the idea was to dress the white seal in any other animal suit. Looking at the drawings can’t make me fall in love just yet… But after several – so very hard trying – making the amigurumi of it, I just fell in love! This is the first edition of Mamegoma I made, it is as cute as bunny, isn’t it? And next project is to make other suits, duck, frog, any more idea? πŸ™‚

mamegoma doll

In fact I just found out at wikipedia that the name mame = small/miniature and goma = seal, in the movie is as small as 12cm and weigh 200g. So cute! and the colours are white, black, blue and pink πŸ™‚ gives me even more idea, to collect them all in smaller amigurumi, mine is just as long as 8cm. Here’s the white mamegoma without suit πŸ™‚ she’s ready to swim, my baby mamegoma ^^

mamegoma dollanyone want the pattern? just let me know on comment πŸ™‚


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