New friends

It’s only a few months ago I knew Etsy, from a friend of mine.. and I was just say, whoa, this is brilliant. Back then I was working with clays, and put only 1 item on list. Not sure if there will be anyone from another side of the world will buy my craft πŸ˜› Then life goes on, I’m starting to make amigurumi dolls now and have great and creative buyers πŸ™‚

We love the idea of Etsy, and think maybe it will be nice if we have it in Indonesia. Oh well, what’s the secret.. You can all see we already friends on my twitter @craftbygrace. The website name is, you can all see that Lily gathers crafters all around Indonesia and it turns out that there are whole lot of creative crafters from my country, yay… ^^

On my fascinating business trip to Jakarta last month, I met the couple who build that awesome website. We had a quick lunch at Sushi Tei. They are a very nice couple Handi and Lily, and her sister Imel. They actually helped me a lot with my task. Lily is an architect working in a interior design company in Jakarta, while Handi is an IT person – no wonder… But thumbs up for you two, for the super idea and also thank you for your support for craft people in Indonesia.

And so, I met new people in new -big- city. All alone for 5 days in Jakarta, and I made my first knitting project while the traffic is crazy. It’s a wrap! πŸ™‚


red knitted scarf


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