Totoro Fan

I watched My Neighbor Totoro today, at last… and amazed with the illustration, effects, it’s just fabulous… I’m officially a fan of Totoro now πŸ™‚ and even my mom can stand watch it until the movie finished, that’s rare.

And these are things I found on the net, specially for Totoro lovers all around the globe πŸ˜€ These gorgeous collections are not mine, please click the pictures to know the collector and artist, or to collect them.

hand drawn totoro

LOVE the illustration and the lighting from the fridge, amazing… this ninja also loves to knit, click on the pic to find the totoro hat knitting pattern πŸ™‚

totoro plush


These plush toys are gorgeous!! Click the pic to collect them πŸ™‚

totoro tin toy Japan

This is a tin toy of Totoro, it’s from Japan, it should be perfect!

totoro papercraft

Some papercraft? πŸ™‚ or postcards of Totoro, simple and elegant design here.

totoro stamp

and this perfect stamp for scrapbook.

Anymore collections??? Oh I’ve seen a totoro costume on Etsy, it is gorgeous! Too bad we don’t have costume party in Indonesia, I don’t know where to wear. But again, it is fabulous you should search πŸ™‚





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