LIVE Amigurumi Battle, Attack!!

I have many new friends in the festival ^^ The festival was so successful, go Rotaract! With at least of 2500 people come to our shop, I ran out of business card before dinner and had so much fun playing the angry birds with kids and friends. They must have a right technique to launch the birds, cause the birds are bigger than the slingshot – for safety reasons only 🙂 I think this collection is perfect for age 6 and above. Not so easy to ruin the three little pigs’ shelter, though… And many people challenge themselves by building their own shelter ^^

We’ll have more fun on the coming event on November 2011. So crochet lovers in Surabaya, we can meet and make projects on the spot maybe? I’d never thought that there are so many people love crochet here. And that I have more items to put in the wishlist, yay..

Here are some pics from the festival, ppl playing LIVE Angry Birds Collection. Enjoy…

Last but not least… thank you for all your support, for coming by and for my new customers 🙂 It’s a wrap!!

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