Sneak peek, D – 2 to the Festival

Spreading the amigurumi virus to people around me is just as fun as having a bunch of new besties.. We had fun crochet-after-office meetings and that they attacked me with ‘Angry Birds’ orders, the knowledge shared is all paid, lol.

This time I have quite a challenge, to make my first crochet pattern ever – the yellow angry bird. I LOVE CHALLENGE! Although the bird now should be angry to me, I made it smaller than the pigs..:p will share the pattern with you after I got the right one.

As I mention in my facebook page Craft By Grace about this online shop festival for Charity, I joined Rotaract for the fundraising program this Sunday! And I got a crazy idea to play the angry birds LIVE. After a week of searching… I finally got the slingshot! I’m so excited..

I tried to make as many birds and pigs as I could, but I think this time I can’t sell my amigurumi. I’ll be happy showing it on the D day then, let’s hope there are orders placed on our wishlist. Wish me luck..

Today my business card is ready, and look what the pigs are doing! they build a shelter out of it. Luckily I’m saved by the yellow so-angry-bird and that Ruth launched it right to them. Ha! you can’t steal my stuff 😀

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