Ever think of where does IDEA come from?

Some will say it’s a gift, like what most of people think CREATIVITY come from. Some say they need special place or environment, and the idea just pop up out of nowhere. Chemical reaction?? Sorry, it’s just a dream of a chemist, hehe…

I would say it come from a bunch of OBSERVATION and DISCUSSION…


In our daily lives there are so many different things we can see, all the culture and habit of people around us made us think and do ‘normal’ things. Maybe the word normal itself came from ‘norm’, the meaning is so obvious, it is the behavior of a society – sounds academic, huh? The thing is, as we grow up we learn things by observing it. All we need to do in the search of an idea is as simple as observing, inside out and outside in. Be honest to yourself and ask the most basic questions, what is your passion?  then start looking outside 🙂

My business coach always say,”Open your eyes, open your ears, open your mind”.

Passion always drag people to be closer to their dreams. I love handmade craft and gifts, I also love retail business. That drags me to see and learn about their trends, techniques, because I enjoy making it, in the same time I learn from other people’s idea. Keep your mind wide open.

To know what to do to develop your business, be a customer on your own business. Can you feel the excitement and satisfaction while being your own customer? If you can’t, hire professionals 🙂 I love playing this game. Not only a game, it helps me to see what’s the critical point I need to touch. Sometimes what’s important to customer is not high budget, by giving them what they can see and feel as an added value will increase your income. Have fun!

The idea of an IDEA is never be a follower. We must observe our competitor, but not to copy their style. We must be different.


I notice that every person is unique. With their own family background they think in their own box, even when they try to think out of the box, they can’t be that far. So are you. Be humble to listen to other people’s opinion, so ask them to observe with you through a same picture.

Don’t be afraid of losing an idea by sharing it. This is a very hard thing to do. How if you have a bunch of product development idea, but you can’t have it now? Is it okay to discuss it with other people? Choose the right person to discuss with… Sometimes we must let it go, because other people will think of that idea sooner or later… and by the time we are ready to do it, it will not be that exciting…

So share it! Don’t keep it for yourself, let others know it’s your idea…


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